Claire Answers Beauty Questions

by Claire | Oct 09, 2013
Hi Claire :)
I don't chew my nails but they don't seem to grow. I put Diamond Clear Strength nail polish on to help them and I clean them every morning and night to make sure there is no chemicals under them. Can you help?
From Gemma

Hi Gemma,
Nails grow slowly, like, really slowly. Seriously, waiting for nail growth is like watching paint dry. Chill out about your nail growth. One thing you can take care of is the food you eat – include protein and stay hydrated. Keep your hands away from any harsh products and keep washing up gloves on. Still kind of bummed about your nail length? Fake nails could be your friend, but keep these for special occasions only. I personally like my nails on the short side because I type so much. It can get kind of hard to use a smart phone with long nails. Good luck.
XOXO Claire

 Hi Claire
My fringe is really annoying. It always goes curly or bumpy. it usually looks really bad and even when I try to blow dry it nicely, it stays like that for half the day and then it curls again. I don’t want to straighten it everyday ‘cause I don’t want to ruin it. Do you know any ways I can make it stay nice? Thank you! :)

Hi Monique,
I have naturally curly hair too. Your hair will pretty much do what it wants to do, which is curl up in your case. You might be happier without a fringe at all – this could be easier to live with than a fringe behaving badly. If you’re really into having a fringe, pick a great hair straightener and give your fringe a good spray with strong hold hair spray (remember to protect your eyes). Don’t like using a straightener? Try experimenting with a fake fringe that you can clip in, or else try pulling back the fringe and hiding it under a cute headband when it gets out of control.
XOXO Claire


  1. 5 Emma 19 Nov
    Hi Clair,
    I have a problem with my hair. I love my hair and everything but in the mornings it is so frizzy so I can't put it up in a pony tail because it is so puffy, but I don't have time to straighten it every morning, can you help me?
  2. 4 Ella 18 Dec
    Hello :) Claire 
    my hair is very thick and curly and hard to manage and when i put it up in a ponytail , bun or piggy tails it goes all bumpy and my brush doesnt get the bumps out and my mum won't let me straighten it for school it also cults up and it looks short.

    any ideas what  to do  with my hair

    from Ella
  3. 3 TG's Claire 28 Feb
    Hi Emma and Ella,

    Hair help is at hand! I'll be including a good unruly hair tip in April's mag. 

    XOXO Claire
  4. 2 riley 07 Jun

    I get really baggy eyes in the mornings and I have try to go to bed early but it doesn't work can you help? thanks:D
  5. 1 Jade 22 Feb
    Hi claire. I have a pixie cut and hair accessories are very limited with very short hair.  I can't do ponytails or plaits. What should I do.


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