Beauty Lessons from my Mum

by Claire | Jun 14, 2013

Like every girl in the world, I think my mum is just gorgeous. It's true. A combination of taking excellent care of herself and being very fortunate in general has made her look, well, really great. 

Mum was never shy about giving me advice and here are just a few of the things I learned from her: 

Moisturise like you mean it. 

The love of moisturiser runs in my family. I think between my grandmother, my mother and myself we could fill a swimming pool with the total amount of moisturiser we’d ever used. Mum always recommended rubbing moisturiser into my face with circular motions that gently pushed upwards, like you're defying gravity. Moisturiser for the body was always said to be best after a shower for legs and arms, elbows and knees, tummy and back, or any area prone to getting dry and scaly.

Always moisturise!


Vaseline is your friend.

To this day Mum carries a mini pot of Vaseline with her everywhere she goes. It's her skin-soothing lip balm of choice and does a great job of healing up chapped lips. More advice from Mum – never lick your lips if they'll feel dry, relief will be temporary and you'll make things worse. 

A little perfume goes a long way.

Mum, like most mums, seems to have super senses. In her case, she wasn't crazy about strong smells and taught me that a gentle whiff of perfume was far better than an overpowering blast that would repel anyone who got within two metres of me. 

Cute pedicures!


Paint your toenails. Just do it. 

Mum's a bit of a glamazon and you'll find her toenails neatly lacquered in a subtle pink shade, even in winter when no one's going to see them. I'm all about this, too, because nail polish is one of those fun flourishes that makes you feel good. When it's on your toes, it's not going to break any school uniform rules either, so paint away, TGs!

Now it's your turn TGs – what's the best beauty advice YOUR Mum ever gave you?


  1. 6 Anymous. 14 Jun
    My FAB mum is AWESOME and she she taught me that leave my hair out natural on weekends. If you do it up and twist it, it'll break. BUT GIRLS, DON'T FORGET IF YOU DON"T HAVE A BOB, HAVE A CUTE HAIRSTYLE! 
    EG: I like buns with dognuts, 2 French braids and 1 braid. 

    Hope This tip helped! 

    PS I have a subscribtion.
    PPS I love the new Website layout. 
  2. 5 JBLOVER100percent 22 Jun
    Hey Guys,
    Just onb the topic of skin my friends and I bought a Tg mag yesterday and it came with facial DIY's wonderin if you have anymore?
  3. 4 holly 26 Jun
    when we go out I always ask my mum if my out fit looks ok she always says if it is comfy then its perfect

    could you also tell me what mask I can make for my face to make it feel less tight? thanks  
  4. 3 Amy 28 Jun
    omtg love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!......
  5. 2 Aniselina 16 Jul
    My mum tells me always use face wash every morning and night so when you're done, your face will feel as smooth as a baby's bottom. And she's right! 
  6. 1 Tarin 29 Jul
    Hey Guys,
    My Mum says to braid your hair at night so it is easy to brush in the morning and so your hair stays nice. Also if you have curls in that you want to keep in for the next day sleep on a silk pillowcase and they will stay in. If you want to keep your nails nice every night in the shower or after you get out clean your nails and file them also don't put nailpolish on them all the time or they will go yellow.
    Hope you like these tips, Tarin xx