TG's Nickelodeon Challenge: Find Your Special Niche

by Kristy | Aug 25, 2015

Hi guys! 

So, as Mel already told you guys, we’re celebrating the release of the brand-new TV series from Nickelodeon, 100 Things To Do Before High School, by setting ourselves some fun challenges. Since I was second in line, I thought I would have it easy in the challenge department. BUT I WAS SOOO WRONG. My challenge was pretty hard – I had to work out what my niche was!!! OK, so like everyone is special and everyone has a talent, but I had to really dig deep. I was trying to find something out of the ordinary that I was especially good at! Aaagh!

I decided to ask some friends, workmates and most importantly, my family. The first person interviewed was my dad, and it pretty much went like this.

Kristy: Dad, what do you think I’m good at?

Dad: You can make anyone laugh. Even the cat, and he doesn’t speak English! 

My cat IS pretty smart. And I really do like to have fun and make people laugh. It feels good when people are laughing with me!

At work, I asked TG’s Lisa what she thinks sets me apart from other fashion stylists. “Well, you know how to make everyone feel comfortable on the TG fashion shoots. You can make people laugh and style an amazing outfit,” she said.

After hearing that I wanted to high five her a thousand times because I really do love having fun on shoots with you guys, it’s like the best part of my job! ALSO, I think I’m slowly working out what I’m good at.

I just had to triple-check everyone’s idea of my niche so I asked my BFF Costa ­– she’s also pretty funny. I asked her what she thought made me different to all her other friends and she said “you make me laugh more and louder even though I’m the funnier friend.” Gosh, she is funny!

I knew it! My niche is being able to make people laugh. I knew I was good at other things and I figured it out! #Winning.

You guys can to – just make sure you ask the people who know you best!

Love, KK


FYI TGs, 100 Things to Do Before High School starts this Saturday, August 29th and will be on Nickelodeon every Saturday from 5pm! 




  1. 5 Asha 07 Jun
    so cool and cute i love it
  2. 4 Alisha 11 Jun
    I love fashion
  3. 3 Claudia 09 Jul
    Hi, I am good at maths. Fibonacci is my favourite maths celebrity because he gave us the golden ratio. You can find the ratio in nature and also on the human body.  He brought back our numbers from Africa so poeple didnt have to use roman numerals anymore. Doing multiplication with roman numerals is very difficult but with our numbers we use now it is much easier. I like Julius caeser as well as Augustus too and I like Ana Vidovic too. She plays classical guitar.
  4. 2 lexi 31 May
    i love fashion
  5. 1 saleisha 08 Feb
    I love all fashion and these outfits are so cute and really pretty. now I have to definitely get one of these outfits! ! COOL


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