Interview: Sophia Grace and Rosie!

by Lattitia | Nov 26, 2014

Sophia Grace and Rosie

This Christmas, talented twosome Sophia Grace and Rosie will visit Australia for the first time, debuting as Westfield’s Happy Giving experts to help shoppers pick the perfect gifts. You may have heard of them? They’ve only had like bazillion views online and also star in their very own movie Sophia Grace & Rosie's Royal Adventure!

Before they land in Oz, I had a chat with the girls to ask them about all things Christmas and of course... shopping!

Q: How would you like to surprise someone at Christmas time?

Rosie: I would like to stay at a friend’s house overnight when they don’t know I’m there and then, in the morning I can shout “Surprise!”


Q: What’s the best gift you’ve ever received?

Sophia: My Barbie Dream House because I wanted it so much. I actually saw it the day before Christmas and then Father Christmas got it for me on Christmas Day so that was really good.

Rosie: Fluffy. She is my dwarf hamster.


Q: What about the best gift you’ve ever given someone else?

Sophia: The best gift I’ve ever given to somebody is my grandad’s iPad. I did have to teach him a little bit, and actually I might go on it more than he does now because he has lots of games on it.

Q: If you could be one of Santa’s elves for a day, what would you do?

Sophia: I would help wrap presents of course and stick all the bows and stuff on with sticky tape. I would definitely wear a pink elf suit and if there wasn’t one I would paint one pink.

Rosie: I would make all the presents!


Q: What makes you happy about Christmas time?

Rosie: I think my family being with me and opening presents. And also I love the snow.

Sophia: I love getting presents and giving presents.


Q: Who would be on the guest list for your ultimate party?

Sophia: Well, first of course it would be Rosie and we would be wearing our best outfits.

Rosie: I would invite Sophia and her mum and dad and all our cousins.

Sophia: And I’d ask Ellen if she would like to come.

Rosie: Yes, and I would invite Rihanna if I could.


Q: What do you love about Christmas shopping?

Sophia: I love choosing presents and giving them to people.

Rosie: I like to shop for other people and get them loads of presents.


Q: What songs are on your Christmas playlist this year?

Sophia: I like Mariah Carey’s Christmas songs and all the classic songs.

Rosie: Yes, I do too. They get you in the mood. I love “Jingle Bells”.


Q: What do you think Christmas in Australia would be like compared to Christmas in London?

Rosie: It doesn’t really snow in Australia so it would be really hot.

Sophia: I think that would be nice. When we wake up in England in the morning it’s cold but in Australia you could just get up and go to the beach.


Q: What are you going to give each other for Christmas this year?

Rosie: We’ll give each other perfume, fake nails, high heels, movies and everything pink!

Sophia: Yes! Yes! Everything pink!

The girls will be appearing at the following centres on the below dates:

1. Tuesday 2 December at Westfield Miranda, NSW

2. Thursday 4 December at Westfield Southland, VIC

3. Saturday 6 December at Westfield Garden City, QLD



  1. 5 Chiann 01 Jan
    Sophia Grace and Rosie,I love you guys!Your really cute,but wake up Americans! Australia isnt hot and Aussie! We don't all talk like "There be a mouse in me boot!" Christmas in Australia is...SPECIAL! 😂 So just back off!
  2. 4 Matilda 22 Feb
    I love there sing 
  3. 3 quinn 17 Jun
    pink pink pink so cute
  4. 2 analise 23 Aug
    i really like pink.
  5. 1 Tasmia 26 Aug
    I love these two; I think they're adorable! Personally, Rosie's my favourite since she reminds me of me when I was her age, but I still like Sophia Grace a lot. And Chiann is right, the stereotypes are so wrong! It can snow in Australia and the only difference in speech is that we have more slang and a different accent.


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