Meet The Model - TG Model Spesh!

by Lattitia | Jul 24, 2014

Hi girls!

Boy, has it been crazy busy here at TGHQ! I barely have time to stalk 1D online or watch Sam and Cat, so it’s lucky that I lurrrv my job!

One of the best parts of being TG’s resident fashion stylist is getting to work with talented starlets who continuously amaze me with their enthusiasm and work ethic during looooong TG shoots!

Not only are they pretty petals, they’re also totes cool with ah-mazing personalities – like 11-year-old Eloise from Bambini Models.

Look familiar? She’s been a fave of TG for some time, most recently starring in May’s Bubble Gum Pop shoot. Here’s why she could easily be your BFF...

Total Girl Tween Fashion Shoots: Meet the model!
Eloise is a bubble gum pro.

How long have you been modelling for?
I started last year and just love it so much!

What’s your fave brand and why?
Cotton On, because they have amazing designs and it’s always so comfortable.

What would you be devastated to see vanish from your wardrobe?
My cute blue pumpkin patch trench coat or my jeans. I live in them!

Quick quiz…

What’s your fave winter fashion item?
A.    Scarfs
B.    Beanies
C.    Big jackets
D.    Gloves

What trend do you NOT want to be caught in?
A.    Animals on jumpers
B.    Onesies
C.    Anything lace
D.    Bright tights

Whose style do you like the best?
A.    Taylor Swift
B.    Victoria Justice
C.    Chloe Moretz
D.    Selena Gomez

If you could be famous what would be the coolest part?
A.    Having all the clothes you want
B.    Someone to do your hair and makeup all the time
C.    All the fancy dresses to wear on the red carpet

Thanks Eloise! Come back anytime.

Love and fab accessories


  1. 15 Bianca 16 Aug
    I loveeee your shoots!!! Shes pretty!!!
  2. 14 Ella 17 Aug
    Looooveee youuu. Can i be in a shoot? LOL!
  3. 13 Ella 30 Aug
    Looooveee youuu. Can i be in a shoot? LOL!
  4. 12 lexi 23 Sep
    she looks like... kelli berglund? is that her? LOL idk! anyways, i am a BIG fashionista too! hope your job is fun!
    <3/ Lexi 
  5. 11 Dominique 24 Oct
    Loooooove iiiiiit omg look at that style 
  6. 10 Chelsea 02 Nov
    Awesome shoot Lattita! 
    Bubble gum pink is the right way to go!!
  7. 9 Alaa 05 Nov
    She is sitting next to me! OMG 
  8. 8 Chloe 10 Dec
    Sooo... Pretty , bubble gum , like the pic
  9. 7 grace 13 Mar
    wow your so pretty and im totally lovin the outfit girl!!!
  10. 6 Lily 05 Nov
  11. 5 my-name 15 Feb
    she goes to my school and was in some of my classes last year
  12. 4 LaraGerrish 21 Feb
    Your a great model how do you get to model in there mags??
  13. 3 Cassey 08 Jun
    Shes so pretty omg!! I wish i could meet her!!!
  14. 2 sarah 10 Sep
    OMG all of these outfits are totaly cute! loving it!!!
  15. 1 Amnda 06 Nov
    These outfits are sooo cute.


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