My Fave Celeb Fashion

by Lattitia | Aug 02, 2013
Hit or miss? I rate these celeb outfits!

TG’s style-savvy celebs are put to the ultimate fashion test! 

Debby Ryan 6/10

Debby Ryan! Photo: Facebook

A cute printed dress will be the must-have item this spring, but I feel this dress lacks the ‘wow’ factor. Bright sandals and a coloured print would add instant zing! Debby scores extra points for accessorising her outfit with a cute pooch! 

Bridgit Mendler 9/10

Bridgit Mendler. Photo: Facebook

This pop princess definitely knows how to work the rock look, with this get-up cementing her fashion royalty status. Her adorbs red shorts pop, while the denim shirt balances out the look. Pop perfection!

Victoria Justice 8.5/10

Victoria Justice. Photo: Facebook

Dreaming of summer? Me too! This tee and sunglasses combo just oozes sun and fun! Find VJ’s cool interchangeable sunnies at

Taylor Swift 9.5/10

Taylor Swift. Photo: Facebook

Swifty nails the classic lady look every time. For instant chic, try wearing stripes like Tay. 

How do you rate these looks, fashionistas? 


  1. 8 Chloe 03 Aug
    I Really Think You Have Good Taste. Also I Like Taylor Swift, Victoria Justice, Bridget Mendler, But Not A Huge Fan Of Debby Ryan. But You Have A Lively Sense Of Style. 

    Can't Wait For The August Edition.

  2. 7 ayah 04 Aug
    i choose debby because she as her hair so neat and her makeup is fab you guys say omg like me i like here dress its so cute with the patterns that is so fab
  3. 6 Ruve' 08 Aug
    I do not like Taylor Swift's look.I would rate her 1/10 here are my votes
    debby ryan-3/10
    Brigit mendler-9.5/10
    Victoria Justice-10/10
    Taylor Swift -1/10
  4. 5 Annaliese 11 Aug
    My Votes:
    Debby Ryan 9.5/10
    because her dress is so chic and I love the bright red lips. 
    Bridgit Mendler 10/10
    because I love everything about this outfit especially since it's not like anything I've seen her in before since Teddy's style is so bohemian!
    Victoria Justice 8/10'
    because her outfit screams summer fashion and I love summer fashion!
    Taylor Swift 10/10
    because this is such a chic and simple outfit. I love her signature red lip and extra points for the Australian flag!
  5. 4 Lucy =D 14 Aug
    Dear Lattitia,
    I love reading your blog and always go to it when I have nothing to do. I re-read all your fashion tips about clothes and especially liked your blog about those jumpers! I also go straight to Style Files and the fashion shoots in the magazine so I give you a big thank you for your amazing work!
    Love from Lucy =D
  6. 3 Ashlyn 18 Aug
    i give it a rating 10/0 because she just screams gorgous
  7. 2 Lattitia at Total Girl 21 Aug
    Thanks for all your ah-mazing comments! I LOVE hearing from you! It's my fave part of writing my blog :) xox
  8. 1 Emma 28 Aug
    I would say they all have a fantastic sense of style.
    Debby Ryan-8/10
    Bridgit Mendler- 10/10
    Victoria Justice- 9.5/10
    Taylor Swift-9/10
    I loved all outfits.