YOUR fave look!

by | May 29, 2013
Hi lovely fashionistas!

One of my favourite parts of the job is hearing from YOU and a totes fun way of collecting your thoughts is through theTrendsetter polls on this very site! Learning the results often helps me work out what kind of looks you dig, trends you heart and what you're all about!

Last week we asked... What's your fave trend? And you voted...

Tropical 36%
Neon 35%
Floral 17%
Tie-Dye 12%

Here are your fave trends fresh from the pages of TG! As you can see, each of these four trends work best with neutral colours or mixed with denim. 

Now that you've voted, is your fave trend still your fave head-to-look? Would LOVE to hear from you TG fashionistas

Lots of love and neon!

Tie-Dye Shades

Tropical Paradise

Neon Brights

Floral Frenzy!


  1. 13 Kennedy 12 Jun
    I love Floral Frenzy!!! I always think I look good in floral!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. 12 Lucy =D 12 Jun
    hey cool poll personally I like tie-dye and I have this awesome tie-dye shirt - it goes from blue to white and has a massive blue sequiny star in the middle!!!! =D
  3. 11 Ti 22 Jun
    I really love the Tie-Dye look. Earlier this month, my friend Hayley held this awesome Tie-Dye Party. It was so awesome! I just read Lucy's Comment and I really like the sound of her awesome Tie-Dye Shirt!

    - Ti
  4. 10 taylan 22 Jun
  5. 9 Kira :P 23 Jun
    Isn't Tie Dye so awesome?! I wish I had that exact same outfit, it looks girly, not too girly and cool :)
  6. 8 Serena 25 Jun
    I LOVE the tie-dye look. I'm terrible when it comes to tie -dying but that outfit is super cute. and its not too girly which is my style!
  7. 7 holly 26 Jun
    I l o v e  the tie dye out fit
  8. 6 Amy 28 Jun
    omtg love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. 5 Evanna 28 Jun
    I lov the floral frenze LOL!
  10. 4 Nicola 29 Jun
    I was wondering if you could do a blog on 
    winter fashion and clothes in winter that can 
    lift your mood. I prefer summer and at the moment I have the winter blues. Help!! 
  11. 3 Amber 04 Jul
    I love Neon Bright!! Those pants are so my colour!!1
  12. 2 Regan 26 Jul
    OMG i luv all the styles and don't know what one i like best 
  13. 1 Nicky 28 Jul
    Love the neon style and tropical style it suits me to a 't'