Travel Packing Rules

by Lattitia | May 28, 2013
Hi TG fashionistas!

Guess what? I'm leaving for Europe today!! Ekk! I'm so excited that I want to let out a big squeeeeeeal! On the weekend I bought some new Converse kicks ready to pound the pavements of Italy! They're super comfortable and go with all my travel outfits! 

Feeling comfortable is almost as important as your passport, so my number one tip for packing is to include comfortable shoes and clothes! See below for my top handy hints for stress-free packing

Will miss you while I'm away!

Love Lattitia xox

  1. Start by writing out a list. Tick off each item as you pack for instant satisfaction.
  2. Roll up T-shirts, skirts and dresses. It's a space saver, plus your clothes will stay wrinkle free!
  3. Always pack cool and warm outfit options in case of a weather change.
  4. Keep a few spare empty bags for wet or dirty clothes. It really helps to keep the dirty clothes from making your travel bag smell.
  5. Pack a tote or backpack - they're the perfect multi-use bag for the beach or sightseeing.
  6. Take extra space, meaning don't stuff your suitcase. That way you'll have room for goodies you may acquire during your travels.
  7. Use your socks to wrap up valuable items like your camera, iPod or accessories (make sure they're clean. LOL).
  8. Snacks are essential for long journeys and in case you don't like the local food.
  9. Always pack sneakers and thongs. Holidays + walking + sensible shoes = comfort.
  10. You'd be insane not to pack yourself stack of TG mags to read in the car or plane!
  11. Be mind full when packing, meaning if you're only going for a weekend, pack for weekend, not a week!


  1. 7 Amelia 03 Jul
    OMTG!!!!! I'll make sure to follow THAT list when I go to Paris!!!!
  2. 6 Alannah 04 Jul
    Awwww thanks I'm going to Perth soon for my uncles wedding!!!
  3. 5 angel 21 Jul
    hey Lattitia can u pplz post some more stuff 'coz i really want sme fashion nws  but ur blog is from may not july :'(
  4. 4 taleisha 22 Jul
    thx this is great in fo especially because im traveling next week!!!
  5. 3 Amy 23 Jul
    hey, it's funny that everyone's name here (in the comments) have their name starting with 'A'! lolzies
  6. 2 Maddy 08 Aug
    Im going to cairns in 2 weeks cant wait thxs for the tips
  7. 1 victoria 24 Aug
    i think that i am going to win