Travel Tunes

by Alex | May 28, 2014
Hey guys!

Happy Wednesday! So I'm in the middle of packing for my trip to go to LA. OMTG so excited!!! The one thing I always make sure to have before going anywhere on a plane is to have my playlists sorted. So this is where I need your advice, let me know what you're listening to so I can add it to my playlist.

Here's a few artists I have so far:

  • The Vamps: Meet The Vamps

    Look out 1D, because The Vamps are taking over the world with their catchy tunes. They've even collaborated with Demi Lovato!

    The Vamps album cover Meet The Vamps

  • 5SOS: Self-titled (This came out on Tuesday!)

    How could you not love these rockin' Aussie boys?!

    5 Seconds Of Summer album cover

  • Ariana Grande: Yours Truly

    I've said it a million times. I'm #obsessed with Ariana's voice.

    Ariana Grande's album cover, Yours Truly

  • Zendaya: Self-titled

    This album is a good one to get you pumped up about something.

    Zendaya's album cover

  • Lorde: Pure Heroine

    Lorde is so different and her music is so interesting. I love, love, love Royals

    Lorde's album cover: Pure Heroine

I feel like I'm missing some awesome music, what should I add?



  1. 11 Celine 30 May
    Ariana, zendaya and Lorde are my favourites. 5 SOS have had some um... Interesting songs. My BFF is obsessed with them. I love never be the same by Jessica muaboy at the moment, I'm listening to it now.
  2. 10 Millie 05 Jun
    Hi Alex, 
    i would recommend Justice Crew Que Sera. It has a great beat and powerful lyrics :)
  3. 9 Smiley 16 Jun
    'Sing' by Ed Sheeran and 'Inner Ninja' by Olly Murs. Do you have any packing tips alex?
  4. 8 Caitlin 25 Jun
    Prism by Katy Perry. She is an amazing singer and I would definitely recommend Katy's album Prism.
  5. 7 Monique 11 Nov
    OMTG I LOVE 5SOS THEY ARE THE BEST BAND EVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. 6 Audrey Grace 23 Dec
    Taylor Swift; Red, and 1989.

    Trust me!!!! XOXOXO
  7. 5 Aman 25 Dec
    I love Katy Perry's  album Prism, Zendaya's album, Demi Lovato's album Demi, Taylor Swift 1989, Ariana Grande's album My Everything, Sabrina Carpenter's album Can't blame a girl for trying, Bella Thorne's single call it whatever, Bridgit Mendler's album Hello my name is..., Meghan Trainor;s album title, and Shakira's single she wolf.   
  8. 4 Aman 01 Jan
    Katy Perry Prism the deluxe version. Deluxe has 3 more KP songs!
  9. 3 Aman 20 Mar
    I actually recommend Katy Perry's album Prism, but I also love 1989 by Taylor Swift, Zendaya's self titled album, Meghan Trainor's album Title, Sabrina Carpenter's EP Can't Blame A Girl For Trying, and the rest I put just forget about it. 
  10. 2 Clara 20 Apr
    I think you should add Taylor Swift's 1989 :)
  11. 1 Natalie 28 Oct
    awesome blog jess! ^_^


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