My Feel-Good Playlist

by Alex | Mar 05, 2014
Hey girls,

Do you ever feel a little blah? It's perfectly normal to have those days. I've had one of those today and it has mostly to do with the fact that Mira (my kitten) has been going totally cray-cray at night AND I have a crazy neighbour that likes to chat on the phone REALLY loud and that means I get very little sleep.

Luckily, I found the cure to getting over the meh and blah days. It's music! Music has the most incredible super power of making you feel almost every and any emotion which is why I made this playlist for you guys. Whenever you're feeling a bit yucky, just click to my blog and pump up these tunes and hopefully you'll feel a little cheerier.


Remember: sing like no-one's listening, dance like no-one's watching and live like there's no tomorrow! 
(P.S. Check out more inspirational quotes to make you smile!)

Psst: if any of these songs don't work on mobile/tablet, try a normal computer!

Wild Child by Elen Levon

Let It Go by Demi Lovato (from the FROZEN soundtrack - it just won an Oscar)


Unconditionally by Katy Perry

Brave by Sara Barailles

Let me know what song makes you feel happier.



  1. 10 Keely 05 Mar
    Brave by Sara barailles because it's so inspirational about how everyone should be brave totes awesome song!!!!
  2. 9 Alyssa 22 Mar
    Let it go by Demi lovato it is a great song I love it it is so good it was on the movie frozen
  3. 8 Jasmine 22 Mar
    Love Brave. Let it go by Idina Menzel is also totes awesome!! Hey Alex, I also wanted to alert everyone in Total Girl about this, but I didn't know where to do it, so I thought here because you're entertainment. GUESS WHAT?? Zendaya's  song Replay is at number 26 on iTunes!! Can u Maybe right an article about it?? SO EXCITING!  
  4. 7 Mia 23 Mar
    I love total girl and Demi lovato 
  5. 6 nicola 17 Apr
    replay is a great song! also dark horse is a great song too and team by lorde is fantastic you should include that song on here too! 
  6. 5 Shannon 24 Apr
    Defs Brave by Sara Barailles cause it has that pop feel that makes me feel like dancing and getting my GROOVE ON! I have it on my iPad too. Even though the others are good too, this one stands to me for a reason! Love you Total Girl! Keep up with the best blogging too, Alex! Keep those magazines coming!
  7. 4 Emma 08 May
    Happy by Pharrell Williams is awesome too! It really gets me pumped up and I always listen to it in the morning so it gets me "HAPPY" especially on a Monday!
  8. 3 Aman 06 Feb
    I love Unconditionally by Katy Perry! 
  9. 2 Mali 19 Jul
    I love Demi Lovato and love style and I love let it go so it's a win,win 😝
  10. 1 Jaweria 09 Feb
    Hi Demi Lovato! I love your songs and my BFF at school is your No 1 Fan! I love your song Heart Attack!


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