Alex's Summer Song Playlist

by Alex | Jan 20, 2014
Hey girls!

The summer holidays are drawing to a close but that doesn't mean the end of summer. The days are still hot, it's still daylight until at least 8pm and there's still awesome music to play while you're having a pool party.

I've put together my favourite songs to pump this summer.

Happy by Pharrell Williams
It's hard to not like this song, it's well ... happy!


Hey Brother by Avicci
Although this song is overplayed on the radio, it's a pretty good chill-out song to play. I like listening to this in the background while I'm cooling off in the pool.


Roar by Katy Perry
You guys know I'm a HUGE KP fan and this song is such a powerful, fun song I can't help but sing along at the top of my lungs while I drive pretty much anywhere. So if you see a crazy person singing and dancing in the car next to you, it's probably me.


Let It Go by Demi Lovato
This song is featured in the movie Frozen, which BTW is totes awesome and you should go watch ASAP. Demi is my kinda gal, she's super sweet and has a cool edgy side and most of her music reflects that.


What are your must-play songs this summer?


  1. 21 Tess 20 Jan
    I love roar (katy perry)
  2. 20 Grace 20 Jan
    Story of My Life, Best Song Ever, Diana, Midnight Memories, You & I, Don't Forget Where You Belong, Strong, Happily, Right Now, Little Black Dress, Through The Dark, Something Great, Little White Lies, Better Than Words, Does He Know?, Alive, Half A Heart- All from the 1D album Midnight Memories
    Like A Drum- Guy Sebastian, MKTO- Classic,

    ANYTHING 1D!!!!!! <3
  3. 19 sarah 20 Jan

    OMTG you MUST INCLUDE  "STEREO HEARTS" by gym heros I think? PREFERABLY sang by meagen and liz. they are soooo amaze! you MUST  include them!!!

  4. 18 Lattitia at Total Girl 21 Jan
    I can't get enough of Happy! Great playlist Alex :) x
  5. 17 Tess 22 Jan
    lol    cause im happy I love that bit sorry second comment :)
  6. 16 Hayley 22 Jan
    I have got all those songs!
  7. 15 helena 23 Jan
    my favorite songs are roar,part of me,firework,last Friday night,hot'n' cold,girl on fire,try,one thing,just give me a reason,boyfriend,as long as u love me,i think i want to Maurie u,kiss u,one way or anther,how we do,love story, wrecking ball,make it shine,die young. i like to listen to  them every day but sadly i cant but some of them i can

  8. 14 Megan 25 Jan
    I think your playlist is great Alex, I love all those songs and I am a huge Katy Perry fan! I also looooove Little Mix! My fave songs are Move by Little Mix, Story of my Life by 1D and Something I Need by One Republic! I also love Roar, Unconditionally and Dark Horse. Thanks❤️ 
  9. 13 Karen 25 Jan
    I looooooooooooooooooooooooove the song happy. 
  10. 12 natasha 27 Jan
    in happy by pharrel Williams I love the little boy with the flat cap dancing he is soooo awesome haha lol
  11. 11 Amy 27 Jan
    You make me, red lights, eyes open, safe and sound, we remain
  12. 10 Nicola 28 Jan
    My favourite songs to play at any time of year are eyes open by Taylor swift, safe and sound by taylor swift, burn by Ellie Goulding, Happy by Pharrel Williams (<3 that song sooo much!), who we are by Imagine Dragons
  13. 9 Rosalie 08 Feb
    All the songs on these CD's:
    Demi lovato "Demi"
    Demi Lovato "Unbroken"
    Demi Lovato "Here We Go Again"
    Demi Lovato "Don't Forget"
  14. 8 shakayla 15 Feb
  15. 7 Lotte 28 Feb
    All katy perry songs, all 1D songs and all taylor swift songs. I love katy, 1D and Tay Tay so much they are in TG a lot so that's why I love TG. It's awesome but put more katy perry in it. The last time she was on the cover was ages ago. I've missed seeing her face under the words Total girl
  16. 6 Kaya 31 Mar
    I luuuuuv Cher Lloyd!! my fave song by her is Want U Back! my cousins last name is lloyd too haha
  17. 5 mia 19 Apr
    cool look love it soooooooooo much
    have fun with other songs and try them out.
  18. 4 Kaylee 27 Apr
    and (my personal fav) royals
  19. 3 Ava 08 Jul
    1. Neon Lights :Demi Lovato
    2. Am I Wrong :Nico & Vinz
    3.Change Your Life :Iggy Azalea
    4.Summer : Calvin Harris
    5. 22 : Taylor Swift
    I Luv Luv Luv Demi Lovato!!! I went to her concert, the neon light tour.
  20. 2 Aman 26 Nov
    My summer song playlist is Roar by Katy Perry and I ❤️ all Katy Perry songs too. 


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