TG Book Club Update

by Alex | Sep 24, 2013

Hey girls,

Hope you've had a wonderful weekend, you guys are sooo lucky that you're on school holidays right now! What I wouldn't do to get to sleep in and chill out at home for two weeks! Some kids get to go away on a holiday during school holidays but not everyone does which is why the newest issue of Total Girl is jam-packed with some really awesome activities and stories. My fave has to be the Celeb-ify Your Room story on page 26, because what better time to give your room a makeover than the school holidays?!

Anyways since last week I've been reading Olivia's Fantastic Gymnastics for our new book club and I'm loving it! I really like Olivia's bestie Maddie, she seems really sweet, don't you think guys? What do you guys think of Sasha? She seems nice for now doesn't she? I think that Olivia might just be a bit scared of the new competition, but I think that kind of person is the best motivator to do even better. Do you think they'll become friends? I guess we'll see! 

Lets read up to chapter six this time! I'd love to hear what you think so far so don't forget to comment below!




  1. 6 Grace 16 Jun
    I like Olivia's  gymnastics and her friend Maddie is so sweet Sasha  is kind  I think that they might become BFFs
  2. 5 Diana 30 Apr
    So cool
  3. 4 nirmal 11 Jul
    I. Can now read books any time
  4. 3 Amy 07 Sep
    Hi TG girls I love reading your books
  5. 2 Kiara 16 Sep
    Hi I am 8 and I love your books
  6. 1 fairy 22 Feb
    the best book ever


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