Horoscopes for October 26 – November 1

What's in store for you this week?


Have you had a goal you’ve been thinking about for a while? Well keep thinking positive, because you’ll finally be able to make plans to achieve it soon!



Don’t be surprised if there are lots of people who want to hang with you at school this week. You’re so fun to be around and you’re totes glowing at the moment! But remember to be nice to everyone and stay positive – that’s what people love about you!




Something in your life is causing you to worry, so now’s the time to face your fear head on! Stand up for yourself and talk about whatever you’re thinking and you’ll easily fix the problem.


If there’s someone you haven’t hung out with in a while, make sure that this week you reconnect with them! Everyone appreciates having time with their fave BFFs.


You’ve been working really hard lately and been wondering when it’s gonna pay off – the answer to this is SOON! You’ll totes get recognition for your hard work.



Some big changes to your life are coming your way. It will make you think about some new things that you might want to try, so embrace it!


You could have some strange moods this week, so be careful around people who sometimes annoy you! You hold the power in any situation so make sure you deal with things carefully.



This week is all about one of your friendships, which could go well or badly – it’s undecided at the moment! But always remember your besties are there for you whenever you need advice.



If you were feeling lazy last week, you’re the complete opposite right now. Hello, energy! Use it wisely to do something you really want to get done.


You normally don’t talk about what you’re thinking, but this week’s the week to let it all out! Plus, go crazy and have as much fun as you can. 


A female influence in your life will be really important to you this week so enjoy their company! 


Something big this way comes. You’ll get some news or have a conversation that is going to change your entire mode of thinking on a particular topic. Don’t be afraid, though! It’s going to be for the best.