What's in store for you this week?


You’re feeling fresh this week, with new things coming from every direction, especially at school. You’ll be looking at saving up for something exciting with your pocket money as well – if things are tight, just remember that saving your money for later sometimes is OK!



Just because someone does things differently from you doesn’t make them wrong. Remember this when you feel annoyed or frustrated with someone close to you and that will make any tension die down. Plus keep an open mind about things this week!



Right – time to get organised! Start with your room and then your homework! If you’ve got goals, you’re in a good position to get a plan going, so take some time out and really think about which steps you need to take to make your dreams come true.



You’re feeling a little restless lately, so that can only mean one thing – it’s time to change your style! Something as simple as trying a new hairdo for school will make you feel like a completely different person and will add some fun in your life!



Something huge is about to hit your life, so brace yourself, Leo! But it’s not necessarily a bad thing. Whatever it is will make you feel like you need to make positive changes, so keep an open mind and everything will be fine!



Communication is at a high right now, so enjoy these freeing times when you are getting along great with everyone! Your quick wit will lead to some great times at school and may elevate you to a leadership position.


You’ve got your eye on something nice, so cut down spending your pocket money and you might just be able to get something you’ve always wanted!



This is going to be a revolutionary week for you! The middle of the week will bring you a huge realisation that will start a new phase in your life. Get excited!



You’ve been thinking a lot recently and this week will bring some huge realisations for you. They may lead you to deciding to let go of something that’s been causing you trouble for a while. Think carefully and you’ll be able to make the right decision.



Ambition is bursting out of you right now and you’re going to be seeking people with the same thoughts! It’s a great time to investigate the things that interest you – like if you love animals - and maybe even join a group!



This is a week to work hard and think about the future! You’ve got lots of ambitions and you’re keen on getting where you need to go, so think carefully about your next move. 


This week you’re feeling fiery and brave. Take that awesome feeling and mould it into something great! Push for leadership at school if you want it or speak up if someone is bringing you down. Go Pisces!