Find out what's going to happen this week!


Any general ‘down’ mood you were feeling lately will be lifted this week, which is a great thing! Hanging with someone who has the same interests will boost your enthusiasm quickly!


Someone will be asking you to make a big decision this week, Taurus. You’ve been thinking about it for a while and finally you have to decide one way or the other! No matter what happens, feel confident that you’ve done the right thing.


You’re in the mood for a little change in your life – but only to enhance how great you’re feeling right now! It’s totes a good time for you, keep riding the wave!


Now’s the time to get outside and get active - you're gonna love it! It is almost summer after all! 


New clothes and accessories will be on your mind to make you feel glam this week! You can even take some of your old clothes and get creative… look at the DIYs for inspo!


Someone might say something that hurts you this week – but don’t stress about it! You might have misinterpreted something that someone you love has said…


This week you’re going to get help on something you’ve been working on from someone you don’t expect! Keep your mind open when meetings friends of friends – you never know what awesome people you could meet!


You’ve been a busy bee lately so the next few months will be spent getting things done! Try to finish everything that you’ve started – it will totally pay off.


Your goals are something on your mind at the moment and now’s the time to dream! What do you wanna be when you grow up? Start finding out more and get inspired.


You might have been feeling a bit stressed out by school, but try not to let this take over! Plus, the summer holidays are getting closer by the day… 


Leading the pack this week is the name of the game! Try out something new at school or be brave and volunteer to take the lead on something – you’ll totes love it.


You’re thinking towards the future! Make some amazing long term goals, like writing a book or travelling the world or being an astronaut and dare to dream!