*** UPDATED ***

Charlotte, we want to hear from YOU! Charlotte says she met Bridgit Mendler! OMTG! Charlotte, email us please at totalgirl@pacificmags.com.au with deets!!!

Hey hey Total Girls!
Like you, we have heroes. Some of us find a hero in Mum and Dad – their constant love and care is pretty heroic! Some of us idolise a specific sports star, movie star, singer or actor because they’re huge, famous, larger than life. We might have a lot of admiration for people in our neighbourhood who save lives or teach kids or fly planes or represent Australia.
We want to know – have you met your hero? Who is this person, and why do you think they’re so fantastic? What happened that time you met them – did they give you an autograph, pose for a photo, or tell you an inspiring story?
XOXO team TG