By Monique Peisley

Whether you totes loved the first movie or are a fan of musical flick
Teen Beach Movie, older TGs should defs check out Pitch Perfect 2, out now in cinemas! But before you grab your popcorn, meet the awesome peeps from Pitch Perfect 2 as they head overseas for a sing-off against the world’s best acapella groups…


Beca (Anna Kendrick) not only found her voice in the first flick, but awesome BFFs too! This time around she’s trying to make her dreams come true at a music company, but what will her besties think?


Amy (Aussie Rebel Wilson) is back and is as funny as ever! In the flick she not only gives you major LOLs but will amaze you with her fab voice.


Emily (Hailee Steinfield) is the newest member of The Bellas (the girls’ acapella group). Watch as she gives you major inspo with her songwriting skills!


For older TGs it's time to get ready for some musical fun! Have you seen the movie yet? Tell us in the comments below!


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