Photography: Getty Images

At TGHQ we thrive off each other's adventure stories. TG's fashionista Lattitia just went to Italy!

The May issue of Total Girl mag is our Girlz World issue, and it made us think: what's the biggest adventure we've been on?

- Amanda went to Japan and climbed part way up Mt Fuji.

- Jocelyn got lost in the Big Apple (AKA New York City!). She walked the whole Brooklyn Bridge.

- Alex went snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef and saw a shark! The non-dangerous kind thankfully!

- Claire went on a Segway in Washington DC, only to fall off in front of the White House!

- Anais spent three months backpacking in Europe when she was only 18.

- Grace (our wonderful workie) went to Fiji and saw locals climbing Palm Trees for coconuts!