Now that we've gotten our "Frozen" fix with the mini-movie "Frozen Fever", we're counting down to the sequel like never before...

1. We can't stop singing "Make Today A Perfect Day" from Frozen Fever.

2. We're still making every party a Frozen theme. More blue-frosted cupcakes to eat!

3. We've perfected our Elsa braids and want to be told by a grown-up, "You look just like that girl in the movie!". Which probs won't happen again until they see Elsa on the big screen.

4. A new movie means new merch! We've already started saving up all of our pocket money in advance. If they start selling real life Svens, we could totes afford one.

5. More Elsa and Anna! We loved Frozen because these sisters are nice and sometimes not-so-nice to each other. They bicker just like we do with our siblings! But they totes love each other.

6. In Frozen 2, there's no doubt Anna and Elsa will have some beautiful new dresses to wear, which means new costumes for everyone playing along at home!

Olaf summer

7. Because Olaf is the best! Enough said, right guys?!

8. It hardly snows in Australia so watching Frozen 2 at the movies is almost like getting to play in the snow and you don't have to rug up!

9. We can't get enough of all the girl power in this movie! Lots of our fave Disney movies have guys kicking butt, but this time it's the girls who are being total heroes and saving the day!

10. Coz by the time it comes out - rumours say it won't be until 2018 - we'll be ready for a newer, catchier version of "Let It Go". Until then...let it go, let it goooo!

Are you excited for Frozen 2 TGs? Tell us in the comments below! Plus you can find out more about the Frozen sequel.