OMTG we are sooo excited! The Rooney twins are coming back to Disney Channel for a third season! Dove Cameron, who plays the title characters, Liv and Maddie on the show, is so psyched there’s even more amaze-a-Rooney adventures to come that she said:

“Aaah! #LivandMaddie just got picked up for #Season3!”


The new season is set to premiere later this year so watch this space Rooney fans!! But if you just. Can’t. Wait. For more Liv and Maddie, check out our Liv and Maddie fun facts. There’s loads to learn about your fave twins. Like, did you know that Dove isn’t actually Dove Cameron’s birth name? The name given to her was Chloe, but her dad used to call her Dove/Dovey a lot, so she ended up changing it! Wow!

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