OMTG, Ryan Potter is so super-talented! He’s an actor on TV plus he’s just been the voice of one of the biggest movie stars this side of the galaxy – Hiro in Big Hero 6. And. We. Got. To. Talk. To. Him! Ryan told us all about working for Disney and who his fave singer is – wanna know? Check out our chat below…


TG: What’s Hiro’s best quality?

Ryan: It’s definitely not his sense of fashion, that’s for sure! I think Hiro’s resolve is something people can look up to. When he puts his mind to something, he just gets it done.

TG: Besides Hiro, which character do you think is the coolest on Big Hero 6? Why?

Ryan: Honey Lemon, for sure! Her un-matched enthusiasm is the greatest thing ever. You just want to hug this girl - she’s the most enthusiastic character I’ve ever met!

TG: Did you have any funny warm-ups for getting into voice-acting mode when you were playing Hiro?

Ryan: Of course! On the way to Disney I would turn on the radio and sing or rap a bunch of songs. So Ariana Grande was definitely in that mix!

TG: What’s something cool about the behind-the-scenes process of creating an animated film that most people wouldn’t know about?

Ryan: The voice actors don’t actually work with one another, everyone records separately! But something more secretive I guess is that Disney has probably the greatest catering service known to mankind! When you go to work you have a zillion types of tea and coffee, muffins, fruit, vegetables, just everything.

TG: Besides the catering, what is it about working with Disney that makes it special?

Ryan: It sounds corny, but Disney’s just got magic. When you go in to work for a Disney animated film, there are these expectations that you want to meet, that Disney magic you want to find, and with the help of the creators, you’re able to find it. Disney is just a magical job.

TG: What’s your most embarrassing moment?

I probably have two or three of those every day, but recently I went to my friend Kelli Berglund’s birthday party. When I was there I thought I was giving my friend  Piper from the Disney show I Didn’t Do It, a surprise hug, but the girl turned around and it wasn't her! So that was a great little moment!

Big Hero 6 is coming out on DVD, Blu-ray and will be available for digital download on March 25.