OMTG so I met Miranda Cosgrove at the Red Carpet Premiere of Despicable Me 2 and she was super lovely and friendly.

Here's what she said about the movie!

How would you rate Gru as a Dad?
I would give him such a good rating. He's a little overprotective in this movie but that's because Margo starts to have crushes on boys and stuff.

Who's your favourite minion?
I like the purple minions even though they're evil. They are cute. They have purple hair and I love the colour purple.

What was your first reaction when you first found out another Despicable Me was going to be made?
It's super exciting, when we made the first one we never thought there would be a second one. It's exciting to get to play Margo again because she's a little older.

If you had a set of minions for yourself what would you get them to do?
I would want one to be my chauffeur and another one to be my cook.