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BOYS WITH LUV - TG talks to RM of BTS

BOYS WITH LUV - TG talks to RM of BTS

TG chats with RM from the world's biggest KPOP band, BTS!

Hey RM! What do you like best about being the leader of BTS?

I just love being part of this group. None of us could have imagined the success we would have had at the start of this journey – it is all just so humbling.

When you are on tour, what do you miss the most? Friends, family, or food?

I do love Korean food – but one thing I like about travel is trying new food. Especially when we are travelling in the USA, they do the most amazing pizzas and burgers.

What kind of backstage requests does BTS have? Do you ask for specific food or drinks?

I think it’s pretty simple really; we don’t have any crazy requests. Water and soft drinks like Coke (Coca-Cola) and Sprite, maybe a few snacks, and just a few things so we can freshen up.

What Korean food do you think your fans should try? 

Kimchi is something I love. It’s a very traditional Korean food, and we eat it with most meals. You guys should try it for sure!

Which member of BTS is most likely to do something embarrassing?

We all like playing pranks so there is a lot of embarrassing moments. We all got pranked with an elevator prank like five years ago – it’s on YouTube, you should check it out if you haven’t seen it!


WOW! TG is super lucky to have interviewed RM!! 💜
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bts! :)
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