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hi TG i loveee your mags i have been collecting them since 2019 could i please have a shoutout - Addisyn I love you TG -shout out to my BFF Hayley - Tara Hi TG! I love your mags! Shoutout to my BFFs Luella, Maddie and Livina I love you guys so much - Ella reese you are the best friend i love you tg - sierra I love TotalGirl! And a shout out to my bff's Everly Annaleigh, Selena and my bf Sam - Adrienne Hi TG, I shout out to my BFF Amelia!😊 - Bethany I forgot about this but pls put a poster of BENEE or black pink in the next mag! Thx - Jade I have a shout out to my BFF Hana.T she has been my friend from when I was six and I’m eleven (basically) and she has always been there for me but she moved to the gap so it was heartbreaking and I cried and it was her birthday on the 14th and I love her so much she’s my best friend ever and is one of two friends I have.❤️❤️❤️❤️ - Olivia I LOVE UR MAGS TG!!! love, Laurel (PS my b'day's in September! i'll be 10!! you're awesome!!!) - Laurel I would like to give a shout out to my bestie Hailey, we read TG mags all the time!!🐬 - Kenzie


i am a girl squad. but i think im more of social butterfly
1/1/2021 1:36:05 AM
mollie lichious
im a social butterfly
14/4/2016 10:41:06 PM
Yay! I got social butterfly!
29/3/2016 9:32:10 PM
I got girl squad
29/3/2016 6:37:02 AM
Girl Squad yessss
29/3/2016 5:17:30 AM
girl squad was for me!:)
27/3/2016 9:40:49 PM
i got social butterfly
25/3/2016 6:14:45 PM
I got Social Butterfly
21/3/2016 5:37:00 AM
i got Girl Squad
19/3/2016 1:40:09 PM
I got Best BFF!!!
18/3/2016 12:26:11 PM
I got social butterfly omg
18/3/2016 10:44:37 AM
Best BFF trust me I WILL BE YOUR BFF forever love you all TGs! yes you
15/3/2016 9:27:12 AM
i'm girl squad
13/3/2016 11:12:13 AM
i got i make the best BFF
13/3/2016 5:31:37 AM
I got best bff!💕
10/3/2016 10:14:17 AM
girl's sqad
9/3/2016 3:08:48 AM
i got best BFF like i am
8/3/2016 4:24:23 PM
I got social butterfly, but it doesn't matter i am 1 anyway.
7/3/2016 10:58:48 PM
beat bff ,girl squad
7/3/2016 9:05:34 PM
Woohoo Girl squad in da houseeee !!
6/3/2016 4:25:53 AM
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