Sarah, TG’s resident big sister, is off having adventures elsewhere and can’t answer any more questions. But feel free to read her archived answers.

Big Sister Advice

by Sarah | Jul 16, 2015

Hey TGs!


It’s been a busy month over at GFHQ! I’m about to travel around Australia to meet all of the GF readers at our big Model Search event. I’m sooo excited to meet everyone and I hope one day I get to meet you, too! In other big news, I bought some silver glitter shoes that I can't wait to wear – I feel like Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz!


But enough about me and on to YOUR questions, coz that’s what I’m here for:


Q: How do you manage doing chores, doing schoolwork and spending time with friends and family – and also have time to yourself? I am sooo busy. Reah, 10


A: Hey Reah!

Oh I know, balance is sooo hard! One thing that always helps me is writing a list. You can ask a parent to help if you like. Write down all the things that you want to do and schedule some time for all of it – even the stuff that might seem silly like watching your fave TV show! If you allocate a certain amount of time for everything and stick to your schedule you’ll find you can get to everything. Just remember to have fun and make time for the things you really love, because that stuff is super important, too.


Q: Hi, I’m a big sister as well. I have two little sisters! Double the trouble! How did you deal with your siblings when they annoyed you? Alex, 12


A: Hey Alex,

I have three younger siblings and I definitely get you! The truth is, there’ll always be times when people annoy you, whether they’re your siblings or not. Sometimes you just have to have a breather and get some space. Whether that’s reading on your own or going for a walk outside, sometimes being alone can clear your head. Also, ask yourself why you’re annoyed. Is it because they want to play all the time or borrow your stuff? Remember one of the cool things about being a big sister is that your younger siblings look up to you and want to be like you. What you see as annoying is probably them wanting to be like you. And really, that’s kinda sweet!

Q: I share a room with two of my brothers. We have one bed each so it is very crammed. There is no room for any of my stuff. How can I maximise my space and still have a cool room? Aimee, 12

A: Hey Aimee,

I totally get it! I used to share a room with my sister too! We had very different taste so it wasn’t always very fun. What I did, was ask my mum if I could pick out a cool doona cover for my bed and a few pillows as well. That way, every time I went to sleep I felt like I was covered in my own little world! If that’s too expensive ask if it’s ok to hang a picture board on one of the bedroom walls, and pin on all the things you love – cards, posters, TG covers! – so you’ve always got something of yours to look at that’s just yours.

Don't forget to ask me your questions here!

Sarah xx


  1. 7 Hannah 18 Aug
    There is this girl in my school who thinks she is cool and bullies people and no one stands up  to her. Do you have any advice?. from Hannah 12
  2. 6 Kiarah 06 Nov
    Hey Sarah. Im Kiarah :) I need a bit of help, I get bullied a lot and everybody teases me on how I run, they also think I microwaved a cat and thats all they have been talking about. Thsi one girl in my class thinks she is sooooooooo cool when in reality she isnt, she isnt even that pretty! How can she be popular?
    How can I be popular??
    From: Kiarah 14
  3. 5 dannah 12 Dec
    hey sarah I need a best friend advice its because my friends always spend time with other people and sometimes they forget all about me I really need your help what should I  do sarah?
  4. 4 Brianna 16 Dec
    I NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHELLLLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!! There is a boy at school who is a bully, but every one thinks he's cute so no one talks mean to him. Only some boys stand up to him. 
  5. 3 Brook 21 Feb
    Hi Sarah!
    I have a problem.
    There is this guy at my school who is soooooooooooo annoying at my school and he likes me! That "guy" also happens to be my BFF's brother!
  6. 2 Ella 20 Jul
    my name is Ella i think i am horrible at maths but everyone tells me that i am really good and the smartest girl in my grade! But this girl called Shekinah who is so mean to me says i am a nerd because i would rather read and do school work than go on technology. Am i a nerd?!?
  7. 1 Estelle 16 Sep
    Hey Sarah,
    I REALLY need your help!
    I have been Homeschooled since I was 5, and my Mum is going to sent me to a School!
    And TWO boys that go there like me:o
    And they are Brothers!!
    And there Dad works there!!
    WHAT DO I DO!!!!!!!
    From Estelle:)xx


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