Sarah, TG’s resident big sister, is off having adventures elsewhere and can’t answer any more questions. But feel free to read her archived answers.

New Kid In School

by Sarah | Mar 20, 2015
Hi TGs,

This is my first time to the TG site – I’m like the new kid in school. I’m really excited and a little bit nervous but I really love making new friends – even more than I love hot chips – and they’re like my favourite thing in the WORLD. So, hi! I’m Sarah, the editor of Girlfriend mag, which is kinda like Total Girl’s older sister. I’m going to be hanging out here from now on, answering all your questions like a big sister would (cause I also happen to be one! IRL!). And since I think we’re going to be awesome friends, and friends tell each other stuff, I thought I’d share a few things about me to get us started:

Sarah and Lilly

- I have a gigantic family. Well, maybe not that gigantic, but I am one of five kids! I have an older sister, Kylie, then two younger brothers, Josh and Sam, and my little sister Lilly (that’s her in this pic!) They’re all super fun, even if they can be annoying sometimes ;)


- My best subject at school was English but all I ever wanted to do was write stories. I used to spend lunchtime working on a novel called “Leo the Lion” which was about my fave toy.

- If I could have any pet in the world, I’d have a unicorn. Unicorns are magical and can fly. I imagine me and my pet unicorn (who I’ll name Sparkles, because I love things that sparkle) flying all over the world together.

- My fave colour is glitter! Ok, that’s not a colour, but everything looks better with glitter, right? I also love yellow because it’s bright and sunny like I always try to be.

- My favourite thing about TG is that it makes me LOL. Plus, TG readers are the BEST.

- Taylor Swift is my imaginary celeb bestie. I met her one time and she was really, really tall. Like, really tall. She could almost lean on my head! But I love her songs, and her clothes and the fact that she really loves her fans and her BFFs. She’s just all-round super awesome.

Questions from TGs:

Did you have such a good fashion sense when you were in primary school? Paige, 11

OMTG no way! I lived in the country so we didn’t have cool shops nearby. I mostly wore hand-me-downs from my big sis! I always loved fashion though, so I learned to be creative and made some really cool things from DIYs I saw in mags – just like in TG. I see fashion as another way to express yourself, but you don’t have to spend a lot of money to do it.


My two besties have been ignoring me, and whenever we have an assignment they pretend I'm not even there and get into a group, without even asking me. Is there anything I can do? April, 11

Oh April, I’m so sorry that you’re having a bad time with your besties. That’s not cool. And honestly, they don’t seem like they’re being very good friends right now. I would suggest trying to talk to one of them alone and telling them how you feel. Say something like “I’m feeling really left out at the moment… have I done something to upset you?” And see what she says. If you don’t have any luck and the way they act towards you doesn’t change, perhaps think about whether you really want people like that as your friends. There are so many great people out there to meet, so start by introducing yourself to someone you haven’t spoken to before. You never know, your new bestie could be right there! 


  1. 35 Elsa 21 Mar
    hi Sarah!!! You seem really nice 😊☺️😍
  2. 34 Breanna 23 Mar
    hi Sarah!!! You seem really nice:) :) :)
  3. 33 Sarah 25 Mar
    Hi Elsa! Hi Breanna!  Thanks so much! I feel so welcome already! I think I'm going to like it here :)
  4. 32 Lovenailpolish 27 Mar
    Hi Sarah! Welcome to TG!! I am sure you will be a really good addition to TG!!
  5. 31 Mikaela 27 Mar
    hi Sarah I think your going to be great at being the big sis!
  6. 30 Sarah 08 Apr
    Heya @ilovenailpolish – guess what? I love nail polish too! And my fave ones are ALWAYS the glitter ones ;) thanks for the welcome.
  7. 29 Sarah 08 Apr
    Hi Mikaela! Thank you so much! I love being a big sister, in real life and online. I can't wait to answer all your questions
  8. 28 scarlett 09 Apr
    hey sarah you seem really cool and sort of funny you seem like a sweet girl and can i give you some advice ive moved schools 3 times in 2 years and making new fiends can sometimes be hard.
    im warning you sometimes older kids can make you feel like you have to be the cool kid but the best version of you is you so be yourself and if your bullied or anything hurts you its could to have friends who you can talk to and even contact some old friends or get in touch and talking about it really helps.

    ps: its gonna be rough at the start but just be yourself and push through the weather and never look down your an amazing person no matter how big or small your wonderful
  9. 27 Mikaela 11 Apr
    Hi again Sarah! thanks for the reply. I bet you're going to feel very welcome here! Have a nice day!
  10. 26 Tilly 12 Apr
    Hey Sarah you seem really nice and helpful, and I think you'll do a good job of being the big sister! I'm sure you'll be an awesome feature in Total Girl!
  11. 25 grace 14 Apr
    hi Sarah you sound really nice you will be a really nice big sis.
  12. 24 Julie 22 Apr
    Hi!! I will love you being the big sis around here. I don't have a big sister at my home so it will be..... nice. :)
  13. 23 Reah 26 Apr
    How can you get closer to your bffs?
  14. 22 Sarah 27 Apr
    Hey Tilly and Grace! You guys are so awesome and lovely to me. I KNEW I was going to love it here! Stay
    tuned for my next blog.

    And Julie, I would LOVE to be your honorary big sis. It's my favourite job :) 
  15. 21 Mandy 02 May
    My friends have been ditching me with this new girl but when she got knew friends they ca,e back to me but then I got a new friend and now they are bullying me but I can't stick up for myself what can do sarah
  16. 20 Sarah 12 May
    When their was this new kid Thalia, my friends was ditching me to hang out with her until Thalia started teasing and bulling and asking for $5 everyday. Then Thalia swore to them and then my friends started not being her friend and started to be my friends again thanks B.F.F.E. Mandy, Nichole, Skye, Skyler, Holly and Renae!
  17. 19 emi 22 Jun
    how do u know when someone is ur bestie and how do i get closer
  18. 18 Abbie 23 Jun
    Hi Sarah, you are SOOO awesome!!!!! I sent you a message a couple of weeks ago and things aren't improving can you plz answer my question. I NEED HELP!  And I don't have a real big sister so it will be nice to have an online one with my fav mag!πŸ˜„
  19. 17 raylee 28 Jun
    im a huge fan if you see igg can u tell her that i sayd that i love her music
  20. 16 Luissa 11 Oct
    Your bffs should not ignore you they are so very bad😣😣😣


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