I need your help TGs!

by Jessica Lynch | Aug 04, 2016

Hey TGs!

Hope you’ve all been well and had an amazing break from school!

What did you get up to? Tell me ~aaallll~ about it below!

 OK – so I totes need your help.

 As you may or may not know, much like our beloved Katy Perry, I like to dye my hair a bunch of diff colours ALL. THE. TIME. I can’t help it!

I see all these cool colours everywhere and I’m like ”OMTG! I MUST HAVE IT!”

 So right now, for the second time (after being inspired by hair colour queen Kylie Jenner), I have blue hair... Well… It’s kinda blue-green now coz it’s faded. And now I’m wondering if I should re-dye it blue – OR go pink... pastel pink!

 I haven’t gone pink before, but I think pastel pink is super pretty! It kinda reminds me of fairy floss you get at carnivals, don’t you think? I REALLY like this colour:


So to give you an idea of what other colour hair I’ve had, check out below.


So what do you guys think? Should I go pink? Stay blue? Go back to blonde? Or go a totes different colour?!

I totes trust you guys, so let me know your thoughts below!

Love always,
Jess xx


  1. 31 Chloe 05 Aug
    I think that you should re-dye the blue. it suits you!!!
  2. 30 Brook 12 Aug
    You look pretty in all your photos, but I think you look extra AMAZE with that nice purple shade in the third photo on the bottom. I also think it would be cool to make your blue hair a little brighter for my second option. Either way your look amazing.
    xx, Brook :)
  3. 29 ari 17 Aug
    I think you should go with the a purple to  
  4. 28 Zoe 17 Aug
    I think you should dye it pastel pink. On the holidays since I was moving schools all of my BFF's from my old school came over for a play date and I played soccer.
  5. 27 Prue 17 Aug
    You look amazing in every photo but purple suits you best. You're right it is quite hard to pick!!! Jess, if you read this I'm just wondering do you prefer your hair long or short? Hope you reply!:D
  6. 26 Olivia 21 Aug
    I think blue suits you Jess
  7. 25 Tiarne 21 Aug
    You look SOOO pretty in every photo but I personally like the purple. I think it suits your fun personality. I dyed the ends of my hair purple twice and it looks AMAZE!!! Bye, <3 Tiarne
  8. 24 Natalie 28 Aug
    Hello Jess!
    All the colours suit you, it's so hard to pick! But if I have to choose I would pick blue. Blue suits you better. I hope this comment helps.
    Btw, short hair suits you.
    Please reply, I want to know what you think of my comment.

    Love, Natalie xoxoxoxoxo
  9. 23 Jess 06 Sep
    Hey guys! Thanks for all your suggestions :) I ended up going pastel pink - I'll defs show you guys in my next post!
    @Zoe: that sounds like good fun! I'm actually starting soccer with my friends soon, but I've never played before.

    @Prue: Hey Prue! I enjoyed having both long and shor t- short is defs easier to handle, but sometimes i do miss making cool hairstyles out of long hair. Both are fun though!

    @Natalie: Hey Natalie! Thanks so much! I did love the blue too, but I decided pink in the end :)
  10. 22 Prue 14 Sep
    OMTG, You replied!!!
  11. 21 Kristy❣ 20 Sep
    I think blueee suits you💙💙💙
  12. 20 bec 22 Sep
    i liked the pastel pink and the blue so i am glad you picked the pink 
  13. 19 Mia 25 Sep
    I think you should go with a nice light purple coz it looks awesome and it also reminds me of the royal show!!!
  14. 18 Brook 27 Sep
    Hi Jess!
    I know this blog isn't about this, but I'm about to explode with excitement so I HAVE to tell someone! This Friday is my Birthday! My mum, little sis, and I are all going to the shops Friday morning and my mum is going to give me $250 to spend on presents I want. I'm thinking of going to K-mart, Typo, Smiggle, Lush, Target, and more. You can think stationery, room decor, & a whole lot of beauty things. I also might me going to see Mrs Peregrine's School For Particular Children at the cinema on the same day. Then I've got sushi for lunch out, chinese take out for dinner and then cake. It doesn't help my excitement that my mum might be taking my siblings to the shops tommorrow to buy more presents. Yesterday after Karate Class my Aunty gave me my present- A Typo notebook, a typo light up "B" sign, chocolate pencils, and animal erasers. Today me and my little sis cleaned our room (it looks amazing) and my mum bought us back a peach & cream body butter (heavenly), a shower gel to share with the body butter, and a scented shimmer mist each. It's all gold glitter and mine has pink writing and a pink lid, my sis has a coral one. Mine is scented in CHERRY BLOSSOM and my sis's is scented in Peach & Coconut. Do you have any ideas on what I can do to stop thinking about my B-DAY so much? Thanks! Oh and sorry about making this comment so long, I don't want it to be boring-I JUST CANT HELP IT! :)   
  15. 17 Mia 27 Sep
    I think you should go with the light purple you did on the pic in the bottom right hand corner coz it looks super cute!!! ;-)
  16. 16 jessica 29 Sep
    my grandma is coming from the UK! love from jess PS not the actual jess just jess brown (;
  17. 15 Astrid 06 Oct
    You should defs dye it light purple! It looks REALLY good on you!
  18. 14 Meika 18 Oct
  19. 13 Caelan 22 Oct
    OMTG!!!! What if you died your hair in streaks of pink, purple and blue!!!!! (Maybe just pink and purple if all three won't work!) And happy (late, I know!) birthday, Brook! I hope you had a better day than you could have possibly imagined!!! 
  20. 12 olivia 08 Nov
    i love tg!


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