Happy Holidays TGs!

by Jess | Dec 16, 2015

Hey guys!


It’s your pal Jess here again!


I hope you’ve all been awesome. It’s been super busy here in the TG office making another great issue for you guys to read!


I love this time of year because alllllll the holidays are pretty close together – can you believe it’s almost Christmas already?! I swear the year went soooooo fast!

Speaking of Christmas, what are you guys hoping to get?

I really want to get some cool rings or a necklace – I love fun and weird looking jewellery! I also saw some really cool dog collars I want to get my three dogs – they get so spoiled at Christmas! Last year my parents got them each a Christmas stocking full of dog treats and they were so happy that they gobbled them down in like one minute!

Jess and her dog

I also love the holiday season coz I get to hang out with my dogs more often and get to do fun things with my friends, like go to the beach and hang out.


What are you guys excited to do at the end of the year? It’s fun to think of all the cool things you can do with all that extra time!


Speak soon friends!

Jess x


  1. 27 Lovato 16 Dec
    This year has been AMAZING! I've made heaps of friends and learnt lots of stuff! I'm excited to go Christmas shopping with my BFFs, eat delish food on Christmas Day, and set myself goals for next year!  Btw, I hope I get an iphone5s and LOADS of books!
  2. 26 Soul Surfer 16 Dec
    During the holidays I like to go to the beach,have sleepovers with my besties, and do my soccor training! What i'm hoping to get is some more surf wax,a new collar ( for my adorbs rottweiler puppy) and some more shopkins trading cards.BTW you're dog is sooooo cute!!
  3. 25 Jess 17 Dec
    Hey Lovato! Thanks for all your comments to us BTW, always good to see regular TGers! I'm so glad you've had an amazing year, that's so awesome! OMTG - the food on Chrissy day is so good. What's your fave Chrissy food? Mine would probs be prawns or Christmas ham. I'd love to get a new phone (I accidentally dropped mine LOL) and I LOVE books too - I think my brother is getting a book for me for Christmas, so I'm super excited for that! Hope you have the best Chrissy. Jess x
  4. 24 Jess 17 Dec
    Hey Soul Surfer! Thanks for all your comments too :) Always enjoy reading them! Sleepovers are soooo much fun, I defs need to do that these hols, too. I love rottweilers! What is your dog's name? Shopkins are awesome too!
    Aww thanks! This one is Sammy - he's such a sook! Jess x
  5. 23 Tahlia 17 Dec
    Hey Jess my name is Tahlia.

    i am just replying to your blog about you and your dog at Christmas. i have just finished at my school and i am now moving to another school for year 8 next year. it was really hard leaving my friends and going to a new environment. i have read loads of books sand surfed the web to try and calm myself down about moving.
    Do you think you could help me?

    i am hoping to get a new bag, makeup and anything to do with stationary or basketball. Basketball is my passion. the reason i am moving is to pursue my dream to become a professional basketball player and one day play for Australia. i know these are pretty big dreams considering i am only 12 years old.

    i am new to TG but i am really enjoying it so far cant wait to see some more of your blogs!!

    Thanks heaps i would really like to know what you have to say and i would like to hear some answers to my questions.

    Xx Tahlia :)
  6. 22 Jess 18 Dec
    Hey Tahlia,
    I’m so happy you enjoy the blog! 

    Before I give you my advice, I just wanna say if you're still worried about this then I defs recommend speaking to and adult you trust, or even give the Kids Help Line a buzz on 1800 55 1800 (I used to call them for advice when I was your age - they're super lovely and very helpful!)

    That’s really cool that you’re passionate about basketball! I know lots of people who at your age had big dreams and have now achieved them, like one of my friends who wanted to be a pilot his whole life, and now he is! That just proves you can totally do anything you set your mind to, no matter how big or small your dream is.

    Starting out somewhere new is always a scary thing. Trust me, I still get really nervous meeting new people! 
    I can defs tell you though that once you’re there you’ll have nothing to worry about. Don’t be afraid to approach people at your new school and talk to them – whether it’s in class or at lunch time, or wherever.
    I’m sure people will be super excited about having a new girl at school and will be dying to meet you and hang out! 

    Are you playing basketball for the school? If so, have a chat to some of the girls in your team. Since you guys already have a common interest it should break the ice pretty easily.

    I find that the easiest way to make a new friend is to compliment them – something as simple as, “You have really nice hair!” or “I love your cute pencil case” can really brighten up someone’s day (plus they’ll know that you’re a nice person, too!)
    Our Feb issue of TG (coming out Jan) has some awesome tips on making new friends, so you should defs check it out! I think it would help a lot.

    As for getting some cute accessories and a school bag for your new school, I’ve just had a chat to our fashion guru Kristy – she said that the shops Kikki K, Cotton On Kids and our friends at Best and Less have a bunch of awesome things we think you’d love!

    Best of luck with your new school; just remember not to stress too much and to SMILE! You’re starting a new adventure and that’s really exciting! 
    Be sure to update us with how you go (but I’m sure you will be just fine, I bet the next time we talk you’ll have a bunch of new pals!)

    Hope this helped!
    Jess x
  7. 21 Lovato 23 Dec
    Hey Tahlia! Don't worry about moving schools, I'm sure that you'll make new friends easily!  When I started Intermediate, I was SO nervous about making new friends coz none of my besties from Primary were going to my Intermediate, I worried that people would tease me of my glasses, and I was a pretty shy kid, but now after two years of Intermediate, I've made loads of cool friends,  my confidence has grown and I realised that making friends wasn't so terrifying after all! So keep calm, smile, and make new friends! Merry Christmas and I hope you'll make lots of  friends at your new school!
  8. 20 Mati-Ella 25 Dec
    hi Jess
    on the holidays I like to play with my dogs too they are sooooo cute I can not resist hugging them it is Christmas today and I got heaps of presents and they were narly. what did you get for chistmas? 
  9. 19 Jess 06 Jan
    Hey Mati-Ella!
    That's awesome! Aren't dogs the best?!
    For Christmas I got some nice jewellery and clothes - which i was glad for coz I needed new outfits!
    What did you get?
    Jess x
  10. 18 Soul Surfer 10 Jan
    Hi Jess!
    Sorry for all the comments i've sent you,I just love commenting on you're page. For Christmas I got everything I wan't.This year I am aiming to win some more soccer matches,join the basketball team,and write another book to my series i've wrote.
    My passion is surfing so i'm hoping to shred it more this year!
    Soul Surfer
  11. 17 T- SWIZZLE 10 Jan
    Hello Jess,I was just wondering when r u going 2 do another update?
    p.s love you're dogs their adorbs!!
  12. 16 Jess 11 Jan
    Hey Soul Surfer! 
    Never be sorry for commenting - I LOVE getting comments from you guys, it totes makes my day. 
    That's awesome that you got everything you wanted, I'm glad!
    Wow, you must be awesome at sports! That's really cool that you're writing a book, what's it about?
    I defs need to try surf more, I used to do it a lot but i haven't in aaaages!
    Jess x
  13. 15 Jess 11 Jan
    Hey T-Swizzle!
    I'll have a brand new update for you guys sometime next week - in the mean time, feel free to let me know anything you want me to talk about in my next post, coz I love getting opinions from you guys!
    Jess x
  14. 14 T- SWIZZLE 12 Jan

    If it's okay in you're next blog could you update us on you adorbs puppies and give us ideas on new trends to wear to school?
    Thanks Jess xo
  15. 13 Soul Surfer 12 Jan
    I did NOT know you surf! You're even cooler now! :)
    Thanks I was actually a good swimmer when I was five and at my old school I was on the netball team for a while. (omg soz that sounds like i'm bragging,i'm not trying too!) I was actually going to join the Basketball team at my old school but we moved.
    For you're blog can you suggest any cool hobbies to try this year and some of you're fave Summer activities with to do with you're friends? Thanx Jess:)
  16. 12 Selena 123 12 Jan
    In you're next post could you like tell us what you're favourite things are? e.g food,shop,drink ect. ? Just asking,thanks Jess! P.S U R SO COOL!
  17. 11 Abi 15 Jan
    Hi Jess
    I was wondering if you could give me some advice, when we go back to school there is a new girl in my class and my BFF really likes her and she isnt really talking to me i feel like its just wrong and that the girl is taking my friend away. Also in 2015 my class did the leadership program and ALL my friends got leadership roles for grade 6 and i didnt so i feel really left out and lonley when they all go do jobs together. Also i have started my own business (lolly buffets and baked treats) and im not getting many customers do you have any ideas?
    I hope youre enjoying your holidays and i would really really really appriciate it if you replied.
    Thankx Abigail
  18. 10 Soul Surfer 19 Jan
    Hey Abi  sorry if u don't want 2 here from me but here is my advice. For you're first problem tell you're friends how it makes you feel, as you're BFF maybe she's got so caught up and you need to remind her. It's always good to make new friends and i understand that for you're BFF but do you think you might spend a little too much time with you're BFF and she just wants to spend a little bit of time with another friend. As for you're small business try add more variety to you're lolly buffet and baked treats. Just remember don't push people to buy things and make it fun by making daily specials. e.g: Chocolate cupcakes and M&M's $2 each. Hoped this helped a little.
    From Soul Surfer
  19. 9 Abi 20 Jan
    Thanks Soul Surfer i really appriciate it :)
    Enjoy your holidays! (well what you have left of them!)
  20. 8 Soul Surfer 20 Jan
    Don't mention it Abi hope my advice helped you :) Enjoy the rest of YOU'RE holidays and don't forget you rule!


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